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Top quality and safety

World Work disposable saliva ejectors are the best the market can offer: selected raw materials, cutting edge production processes and research aimed at constant improvement in performance guarantee maximum quality standards. The saliva ejectors are made of certified medical atoxic plastic, according to the latest edition of the European Pharmacopeia.

Comfort and maximum safety

The filter insert, completely rounded, without sharp points and edges, ensures maximum delicacy and can even be used on sore gums.
The tip is attached in total safety and allows an air flow avoiding saliva suction even in the event of blockage, preventing any pain or irritation for the patient.

Every wire in place

The metal wire is fit solidly in the tube, so as to avoid any chance of it coming out of either end, in addition to guaranteeing the desired shape is maintained perfectly.

Always in shape

World Work saliva ejectors are characterised by their high flexibility and total lack of bottlenecks, guaranteeing a high filtration capacity. The result is safe and simple shaping and easy adaptation to any kind of mouth, with the full assurance that its shape will be maintained.

Technical characteristics

  • Length from 130 to 150mm
  • Clear or coloured
  • Fixed or removable tip
  • Zinc or copper coated metal wire
  • 100 or 250 pcs bag / 5000 or 1000 pcs box


A wide range of colors ready to match the personal style of each professional.